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Is Your HVAC a Health Risk or Hazard to Your Family?

Air conditioning is a vital key to comfort for Fort Myers residents. Southwest Florida heat is unforgiving and miserable to live in without cold AC. Not only does AC provide comfort to our family and or pets, but it also protects us from outdoor pollution. It also provides purer air for us to breathe. Quality air conditioning keeps us healthy and comfortable. But, an aging system can result in producing adverse health effects in our homes. Consider the following factors when thinking of replacing your home’s air conditioning unit.

Potential Health Hazards from Air Conditioners

Most HVAC professionals suggest that you replace your AC unit when they’re more than 10 years old. However, if you have constant issues with your AC before it’s 10 years, consider more than AC repair. AC repair or routine air conditioning service alone may no longer be enough. The following issues could affect your family and your pet’s health. Discovering these facts may prompt you to replace your aging or malfunctioning AC.

Possible Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant in air conditioners keeps your home cooler in the heat. Not all types of air conditioner refrigerant are comparable. As the HVAC industry evolved, we now use safer versions of refrigerant. This is especially true throughout the last 15 years. But, a refrigerant leak can cause your family not to feel well. Mild exposure to a refrigerant leak causes headaches and dizziness. If you think you have a leaking air conditioner, contact a professional immediately.

Mold and Mildew in Southwest Florida

An air conditioner works by cooling air over evaporator coils, which creates condensation. Where condensation forms, mold, and mildew have the perfect environment to grow in. Where mold can grow, bacteria can grow as well. Undetected mold in your home can result in serious health concerns for your family and your pets. More often, mold and bacteria can bother preexisting lung conditions and allergies. Those with weak immune systems, kids, and the elderly are vulnerable to mold exposure. Regular maintenance reduces mold growth. But broken parts in an aging system can help mold spread.

Electrical Components of Your HVAC

The older your HVAC system is, the higher the chance that you see expensive repairs more often. An air conditioner is part of a complex appliance that works throughout your house. When it isn’t working correctly, it can be dangerous for your home. The electrical component of your system is essential. Because HVAC units with older wiring are sadly the culprit for many house fires. The longer you wait to replace a problematic or aging HVAC, the higher your chances of a wire malfunction. That could result in a regrettable event.

Benefits of Installing a New HVAC Unit

A new air conditioner can do more than make your house comfortable. Newer systems have modern technology that provides your family with more unique conveniences. A new HVAC provides better air quality while simultaneously providing better efficiency.

Improved Comfort in Your Home

As your AC works hard in the Florida heat, it can also decrease its cooling power and efficiency. That may result in sleepless nights when you’re too warm. It may leave you feeling uncomfortable and sick as the temperatures outside rise. With a new air conditioner, you’ll avoid these discomforts. You’ll also keep your family happy and healthy.

Purer Air

A quality HVAC system defends you and your family from outdoor pollution. This occurs through using your regular filter. Replacing the filter often is an essential part of having a healthy home environment. If you’d like to take that a step further, think about adding an air purification system to a new air conditioner. When combined, your home will be comfortable while filtering pollutants from the outdoors. —like dirt, dust, or pollen. Check out our whole house air purifiers today!

If you have concerns that your current air conditioner could be hurting your family’s health, we can help. We’ll let you know what a new air conditioner could do for your home, give us a call at 239-256-COOL today! It’s our pleasure to help you find a solution that works for your home and family.

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