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Businesses are opening back up after mandatory shelter in place orders countrywide. But this does not mean the virus is gone. We are just learning how to control the spread. Masks, hand washing, and social distancing all play large roles in COVID safety. But you likely are not wearing a mask inside of your own home. As we all leave our homes and venture back into the world, safety in the home becomes more important. 

During the shelter in place orders, the goal was to flatten the growth curve of the virus. The purpose of sheltering in place was to stop circulating the virus. Now that we are back out in the world, the virus is circulating again. You may experience exposure without even knowing it. Exposure also does not guarantee you will get sick. Exposure does mean that your clothes, mask, and gloves have contaminants. This means you are bringing contaminants back home with you! This is true for any virus or bacteria, not just Covid-19. 

Anyone can become sick at any time. This is not a new concept to any of us. Especially those of us with young children. Children, and even some adults, seem to carry all the bacteria that live on the planet. All the handwashing in the world cannot eradicate illness. It can only control bacteria and viruses so much. So, how do you combat contaminants spreading throughout your home? And in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, is your home safe?

Contaminants Hitch a Ride on Your Clothes

Cloth masks are a favorite among Southwest Floridians right now. This is because they are easy and cheap to make. You can make them out of any fabric. Bandanas are a great no-sew option.  They are also more readily available than surgical masks. Cloth masks are great because they are reusable. But a mask that leaves the house with you and comes back, brings the outside germs in. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a few precautions before entering your home. 

Before entering, place your used cloth mask in a bag outside. Discard disposable masks and gloves outside. As soon as you enter, wash your hands. Remember to wash your cloth mask after wearing it while shopping or at work. Having several cloth masks is a good idea when possible. This way you can wash one and wear one. 

It is also important to keep up with your routine cleaning around the house. Remember to sanitize anything you touch from day to day. No need to do it more than a few times during the week here and there. But wiping your home or office down does not completely remove contaminants. 

Cleaning Your Surfaces Is Not Enough

Disinfectant is still flying off the shelves. Bleach, hand sanitizer, and Lysol wipes are as good as gold nowadays. Sanitizing your space is important when it comes to removing outside contaminants. You have much more bacteria on your hands than you realize. And everything you touch collects that bacteria. Wiping your surfaces with a disinfectant sanitizes your door handles and counters. But it does nothing for the bacteria or viruses in the air. 

Small air purifiers are a quick fix in troubled times. But they are often unreliable when it comes to actual purification. Most room air purifiers are only equipped with a filter. This means they are not purifying the air. They are only collecting the contaminants in a filter. 

They are also only effective for one room or small spaces. To filter the air in your entire home or office, you would need too many of these small purifiers. There is a point where spending the money on a fancy filter just is not enough. So what can you do to make a difference in your air’s quality? 

How to Fight the Contaminants in Your Air

Regular air conditioning checks are a great way to fight any type of contaminant. All HVAC systems have at least one filter in them. These filters are great and work hard. But they do not catch everything. Especially if replacing your filter has slipped your mind lately. The longer your filter goes without replacement, the dirtier it is making your air. Filters need replacing at least every 6 months. The size of the HVAC system determines the frequency of filter changes. The bigger the system, the more air is circulating through the filter. That means the filter gets dirtier faster. Dirty filters pump the dirt, dust, and microbes back into your air. 

Airchecks and regular HVAC maintenance are a great starting point. But the goal is great air quality in your home. Not decent air quality. Chill Squad Air has unique sterilization systems that give you the best air quality.

Try One of Our Platinum Systems

Chill Squad AC is here to help you get the best air quality possible. We have our brand of air purification systems. They are the Platinum systems. Our Platinum systems take sterilization to the next level. They clean the air running through your HVAC to fight a long list of potential health hazards. Our platinum systems also help to keep your HVAC system running more efficiently. They also help extend the life of your AC system. 

We offer three different platinum systems, carbon, UV, and dual. Our Platinum Carbon Air Purifier system is a state of the art piece of equipment. This is the system best suited for fighting biological contaminants. Biological contaminants are things like bacteria and viruses. It is also best for removing VOCs and the smells that go along with them. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. There are too many to list here, but some common ones are formaldehyde and gasoline. 

Our Platinum Carbon system works by combining several different techniques. It uses germicidal ultraviolet light, photocatalytic oxidation, and antimicrobial nanotechnology. The carbon system works by neutralizing VOCs. Once the VOC is neutral, the molecules creating the VOC fall apart. This allows the smell to disappear and the potentially harmful vapor to vanish, too. 

Our Platinum UV Air Purifier is an ultraviolet sterilization system. It works by scrambling the RNA and DNA of biological microbes. Scrambling the genes of bacteria, viruses, and mold, makes it impossible to reproduce. Without the ability to reproduce, microbes die out. Our UV system helps keep your coils free of mold growth and sterilizes the air in your HVAC. 

Our dual system combines both the UV and the carbon. Together, the UV and the carbon system effectively attack biological threats and VOCs. The Platinum Dual is our team’s choice for the best air quality. 

Concerned About Your Air Quality? Call Us! 

Chill Squad AC can help keep the air in your home virus and bacteria-free. The quality of your air affects your health every day. Don’t waste time. Give us a call today at (239) 256 – COOL to schedule your AC check. Our comprehensive check will identify any air quality issues. At Chill Squad we believe air quality does not stop at room temperature. Air quality is a complex matter that we specialize in. Trust the experts and contact Chill Squad Air today! 

We offer Platinum level air quality with our Platinum Air Purifiers. Connect with us on social media to find out more about our carbon and UV purifiers. We are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Our team of trusted, professional AC techs is ready to help you today! Keep up with the latest offers by following our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!