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Benefits Of UV In Your HVAC System

Are you familiar with the benefits of UV lights in your HVAC system? This is a very popular addition to home heating and cooling systems. And it offers a multitude of benefits to your family!

UV, or ultraviolet, lights are commonly seen in the ceilings and vents of hospitals. Beneath a certain strength of ultraviolet lights, germs and other chemicals cannot survive. When we install UV lights in your home system, they cut odors and bacteria. Without ultraviolet lights installed, many homes keep common odors.

Some of these popular odors include:

  • Cooking odors 
  • Aerosols 
  • Smoke 
  • Pet dander 
  • Mold 
  • Cleaning chemicals

How does UV work in an HVAC system?

For starters, your HVAC system works by heat exchange. Then, warm air travels through the system and flows over cooling coils. Next, the warm air is exchanged for cooled air across the coils. The remaining result is condensation from the exchange. Your drain line and drip pan assist in collecting this condensation. But, this drain line is a cool and moist environment, typically triggering mold.

The build-up of condensation, mold, and other allergens circulate back into the system. After a period of time, your HVAC system will have a debris build-up. This causes a decrease in air quality. With UV lights installed, these contaminants will not make it to your breathable air. The UV lights will eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other harmful contaminants.

From higher indoor air quality, to lower energy costs, UV additions are desirable for all! Today we will focus on the top four benefits that ultraviolet lights offer.

These four benefits of UV in an HVAC include:

  1. Illness Prevention: UV lights kill mold, bacteria, and viruses that affect indoor air.
  2. Higher Energy Efficiency: UV lights help your system run at optimum levels.
  3. Increased Airflow: Without debris, build-up airflow in the system is significantly increased.
  4. Lasting Investment: UV lights prove to lower utility and maintenance costs.

Illness Prevention From UV in Your HVAC

This is arguably the top benefit that draws families to invest in UV. Your HVAC system functions by circulating air through the house via vents. The same air is then brought back into the system through the return registers. Unfortunately, this air circulation process collects dust, allergens, and airborne bacteria and viruses. But, these particles tend to build-up on the walls of your vents, cooling coils, and HVAC filters. The allergens and germs then travel through your air system. In return, your indoor air quality plummets. As well as the health of those breathing in the air.

With times like the present when health is a top priority, we want our homes as a safe haven. Installing a UV light can assist in the health of those at home. Ultraviolet rays radiate onto the air as it passes through the system. The UV lights then kill off the pathogens and microorganisms that are present in the air. The result is higher indoor air quality and healthier residents.

UV and HVAC Higher Energy Efficiency

As mentioned before, your home HVAC system circulates air from within your home. This causes microbial particles to build-up on your cooling coils, filters, and ducts. It also creates build up on the drain pans. Elimination of these microbes occurs under ultraviolet lights within the HVAC system. Yet, when there are no particles to build-up, the airflow increases! This process results in your HVAC system working easier and more energy-efficient. And yes, that means lower energy costs for you!

An average reduction of 35% in energy costs occur in homes with ultraviolet light systems. Notably, a home HVAC system makes up the largest part of energy costs. When this is in perspective, the significance of UV savings becomes more clear. The UV system also contributes to your HVAC system performing at optimal levels.

Increased Airflow in Your HVAC

Increased airflow goes hand in hand with our above discussions. Decreased airflow occurs when biofilm and particles build-up within your HVAC system. The build-up limits the amount of airflow space available, reducing the airflow.

Space for airflow increases dramatically when ultraviolet lights prevent and end these build-ups. Heat exchange and airflow increase significantly, meaning your home will cool down faster. As a bonus, your indoor air quality improves as well.

Lasting HVAC Investment

The cost-effectiveness of ultraviolet lights stems from the self-cleaning aspect. As the UV lights clean from within, filters will be cleaner. Additionally, the risk of mold growth in drip pans decreases. The HVAC system as a whole will be running at optimal strength. This means that your maintenance costs will reduce significantly.

Be sure to inquire with us about an inspection to determine if your system is a candidate for UV. Our technicians will inspect your system for the following to ensure UV effectivity:

  • reflection of surrounding surfaces
  • direction and placement options
  • number of possible UV light placements
  • average home temperature and humidity

This information will determine the best-personalized plan for ultraviolet lights.

What About HVAC Media Filters and UV?

One common question when a customer is inquiring about ultraviolet light is:

“What about my HVAC Media Filter? Isn’t that supposed to keep my air clean?”

In short, yes, that is its job. But, the filter is only able to catch certain contaminants. There are some pleated filters on the market that have specific designs. These filters tailor toward the trapping of allergens. Media filters can trap contaminants down to 0.1 microns in size. That is 700 times smaller than the size of a human hair! Media filters are vital for the health and longevity of your HVAC system. We recommend using these products in conjunction with one another. A filter may be able to help trap particulates, such as allergens, but will not trap most odors or viruses. Overall, using both a filter and UV light system will increase your indoor air quality and your health!

Whether you have decided to add an ultraviolet light system, or are still deciding, give us a call! Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the appointment process. Technicians will check your home system and provide you with viable UV options. The number of UV lights and placement of lights requires an evaluation of your home and HVAC system.

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