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We specialize in ductless air conditioning technology in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida.

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Ductless air conditioning by Chill Squad

Our ductless systems have many benefits and are ideal for cooling homes and offices. One advantage is the easy installation process. Unlike central air conditioning systems, ductless systems only require a small hole in the wall to connect the indoor unit and outdoor units. This installation is minimally invasive and doesn't require renovations. Ductless systems are also energy efficient, helping you save on utility bills. They can cool specific zones or rooms, giving you control over energy usage. With whole-house cooling, every corner of your home can be comfortable. We offer a range of ductless air conditioning services in Fort Myers, including installation and maintenance. Our technicians are experienced and provide flat-rate pricing and reusable filters for a clean and comfortable indoor environment.

Air Conditioning Repair Services

Discover comprehensive air conditioning services at your fingertips with us. From residential to industrial, we offer installation, repairs, servicing, and more. Count on us for the perfect indoor climate solution tailored to your needs.

We Find The Perfect Fit For Your Home or Business

At Chill Squad Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of finding the perfect fit for your home or business in ductless air conditioning. Our experienced technicians consider the size of the space, desired cooling capacity, and energy efficiency goals to provide the best solution. We visit your location, assess the area, and give a personalized recommendation. We understand each space is unique and take time to understand your specific requirements. Once we determine the best ductless air conditioning system, we discuss the benefits of this energy-efficient solution. Ductless air conditioners offer superior energy efficiency with mini-split systems and ductless AC technology. You'll enjoy comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills. Our installation process is hassle-free, minimizing disruption. We connect the indoor air handler to the outdoor unit through a small hole, avoiding costly renovations. Chill Squad Air Conditioning takes pride in providing the perfect fit for your home or business.

Air Conditioning Brands We Repair

At Chill Squad, we take pride in offering top-tier air conditioning services for a wide range of industry-leading brands. From installation to maintenance and repairs, we're your trusted partner for a cool and comfortable environment.

Feeling the Florida Heat?

Don't sweat it! Ensure your home stays cool and comfortable all year round. Contact us today for top-notch HVAC services and breathe easy with the best air conditioning in Florida.

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We're Here For You in Emergency Situations

Chill Squad Air Conditioning understands that air conditioning emergencies can occur at any time. We are here to assist you during urgent situations, prioritizing your safety and comfort. When you contact us in an emergency, we will promptly schedule a service visit. Our experienced technicians will quickly assess and address the situation, resolving issues such as breakdowns or refrigerant leaks. You can rely on us to restore your comfort and provide exceptional service, even in emergency situations. Trust Chill Squad Air Conditioning to respond promptly and restore your air conditioning system, ensuring peace of mind and comfort in your home or business.

We Only Work With Top Brands To Ensure Exceptional Results

At Chill Squad Air Conditioning, we prioritize quality in ductless air conditioning systems. We only work with top brands like Goodman, Trane, Lennox, LG, Daikin, and Carrier. These brands are known for their innovation, energy efficiency, and reliability. By partnering with them, we ensure our customers in Fort Myers and Southwest Florida receive exceptional performance and comfort. Daikin offers advanced features and durability. Fujitsu provides excellent cooling and heat capabilities. LG offers stylish designs and user-friendly controls. When you choose Chill Squad Air Conditioning, you can trust that we work with the best brands. Our experienced technicians will install your system with precision. Count on us to keep you cool and comfortable all year round.

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